Friday, November 14, 2014

My padres visit!

Last week, my parents came to visit me for the second time since I moved to Honduras! I loved every minute of it. It's such a joy and encouragement to have them around!

We got to knock a couple of things off of my "Honduran bucket list" together, which I really enjoyed. One of those things was that we got to learn to make tortillas from one of my favorite ladies, Karol's mom. We also went to the bird sanctuary in Copan Ruinas, which was extremely entertaining. 

One of the best parts was that Mom was here on her birthday! It's been a very long time since I was able to celebrate with her in person on her birthday, and it was special for me to have her here. 

Even though Grace didn't get to come on this trip, we did all get to skype with her. I loved having Mom and Dad visit the office and visit our church and see all of my coworkers. We also got to try a new restaurant that we had been wanting to try, and of course we drank a lot of coffee. 

It was a great week, and saying goodbye wasn't difficult since it was just "See you in a month!" I'm thankful that they were able to come to Honduras again and get to spend more time in a place that I love. It really was a blessing to have them here, and an uplifting week for me.

Eating at a new pizza place in Gracias:

Mom and me at the Waldron's farm on her birthday:

At the bird sanctuary:

With some of my favorite ladies after our extremely fun tortilla lesson:


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